Wednesday, July 9, 2008

cut work

to start cut work,
pull a loop at any point near the circle.
stretch to the opposite point.
then make two chain and come to 3rd point.
again pull a loop and go to 4rth point.
like wise make horizontal and vertical stretch lines.
this you can see from 3rd photo onwards.

in the 6th photo you can see, i'm starting katta or zig zag stitch.
yes you have to complete the whole circle along with stretched threads with zigzag stitch.

do you remember zigzag, which i tought in early lessons, using yellow and red thread?.
now you have to apply it here.

the first two shows finishing and finished effect.
[sorry for giving mis ordered photo's. try to manage it.]

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lakshmi said...

hi vishnu,
thais is lakshmi.. ur tutorial on cut work helped me a lott..finally dared to cut n burn the fabric....have done a few samples n posted in orkut pls have a look n guide me..

is earth safe to live