Saturday, April 19, 2008

srilankan / ceylon masaala powder

red chilli - 1kg, >
coriander seeds - 1/2 kg, >
cumin seeds -2oogm, >
fennel seeds -200gm, >
channa dal -200gm, >
toor dal -150gm, >
black pepper corns -100gm,
cinnamon -little,
cardamom -little,
curry leaf -little, >
fenugreek seeds -1tsp, >
turmeric piece -3,
boiled rice[pulungal arisi] - one handful, >

roast all marked with ">" items well without oil,
cool then grind everything into fine powder.
this powder is suitable for all curry's except sambar.
when you add this powder no need to add any other powder separately.

raagi/millet puttu

raagi flour -2cups,
rice flour -1/2cups,
coconut scrapped -1cup,

add raagi and rice flour together, [ rice flour is added, 'cos plain raagi flour may be sticky],
add salt and mix well,
now sprinkle water little by little to the flour and make flour into granuals,
add coconut, mix well,
steam boil till flour gets cooked.
serve hot with sugar,non-veg curry, sambal etc.

tin fish curry

tin fish -1tin,
onion -1 medium size,
tommatto -2-3,
garlic -10flakes,
coconut milk - 2cups[1st,2nd and3rd milk mixed],
red chilli powder -2tsp,}
corriander powder -2tsp,} ______ instead of this powder you can use srilankan masala
turmeric powder -1tsp,} _______ powder 3tsp. it's simple and tastier.

for seasoning,
mustard seeds -1tsp,
fenugreek seeds -1tsp,
curry leaf,

slice onions and garlick,
take a tava, pour oil when oil gets heat add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeeds,
add onion, when colour turns transparent add tommatto and garlick, curry leaf,
saut well, add all powders,
add coconut milk and salt,
when curry gets thick add tin fish[drain water in it.],
serve hot with rice.

step by step aari embroidery

how are you friends?. do you find easy to do aari with my guide?.
today, you are going to do a floral design.
watch the photo carefully, it's very simple, just follow the lines with chain stitch.
without breaking the chain you have to complete the flower. at one point while doing flower you have to return using a double line[2nd and 3rd photo].
without leaving gap between lines finish it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

murungaikkai or drumstick vera

drumstick -1or2[rough or hard] not a tender one,
onion -1big size, chopped,
green chilli -1no,chopped,
red chillipowder -1tsp,
turmeric powder -1/2tsp,
fenal seeds 1/2tsp,
curry leaf,
coconut scrapped -1/2 cup,
oil 1tbsp,

cut drumstick into small piece and slit it,
steam boil it,
scoop the flesh outof skin of drumstick,
add all the above and mix well,
in a pan add oil and the mixture,
fry till golden brown.


coconut scrapped -1cup,
tommatto -1/2,
onion -1/2,
red chilli powder -1or2tsp,
salt,lemon juice -1/2 lemon,

take tommatto,onion,red chilli powder and salt into a manual grinder[ural],
smash well,
add this to coconut and add lemon juice and mix well with hands.
this's suitable for roti, iddiyaappam[rice noodles],puttu,kanji etc.

carrot sambal

there are vareity of sambal,here i'm giving carrot sambal.
carrot -3no,
coconut scrapped -2tbsp,
onion -1big,
green chilli -1no,
curry leaf - little,
corriander leaf -little,
lemon -1/2

scrapp carrot, chop onion and green chilli, curry leaf and coriander leaf,
add all ingrediants finally add lemon juice to it.

wheat roti

wheat flour -2cups,
coconut scrapped -1cup,
mix every thing and slowly add water and make into dough,
this dough should be like chappathi dough and loose and soft,
take a dosa tava, iron or non-stick, let it heat,
make dough into cricket ball size round and spread oil over tava,
place dough over it and spread in to thin roti.
cook both side, serve with any combination. even butter and jam suits it.

same roti can be made with maida too. use hot water and 1tsp sugar for maida. rest as same.

old cooked rice recipe

hi, you have large quantity of cooked rice and don't know what to do?. don't worry.just keep in fridge for the next day or for night. but serve this in different taste.
all you need is
cooked rice -1or2bowl,
coconut milk -2cups,
fenugreek seeds -1tsp,
salt - to taste,
garlick -1flake

add fenugreek seeds and garlick to cooked rice,
add 1or1/2 glass of water to it,
again keep it in cooker and cook for 3 whistle,
bring it down , add coconut milk and salt and keep directly the vessal on flame and cook for 1mt.
you can eat this with pickle or sambol.

step by step aari embroidery

hi, today i'm going to teach another pattern.
for this, first stitch a normal chain.
then use another colour thread and as shown in the photo, start from below the chain and go to the other side of the chain.
that is like "v" shape and inverted "v" shape.
you just punch below and above the chain. you can do this giving little gap or too close. that depends on how you need the design.
this stitch can also be done without forming the chain. see photo.
when you buy aari design book you'll find this.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

well, here comes another step.
last time you did a single petal over the curve no?. now you are going to add 3 petals.
same as before. just follow the arrow mark.
first finish the left petal then right petal,finaly the centre.

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