Friday, July 11, 2008

khatta or zigzag stitch

hey, here is khatta or katta which i've made over the chains in cutwork.
i've differentiated using 3sizes, but this is done over chains, here for you i'm doing it without chain.
broad "v",
very closer"v",
i've made all 3 in one line just to show you.
in the last photo, i used closer "v",
but for cutwork, use the very closer "v".

but in some design book i've seen without chain too.

how to finish a stitch-aari

hi friends,
here's your original knot, which is used in aari.
i've made 2 chains. now i want to finish it.
pull a long loop,
keeping it as it is, through the first loop, punch very closely to it and pull the 2nd loop,
pull it through the first loop,
make 2 twist,
without leaving the twist and second loop, get the first loop,
now drag it through the second loop and pull the thread under the frame tightly.

that's it.usually when you pull the thread under the frame tightly,the knot and the extra thread will automatically go bellow the cloth and only the stitch will be seen.

but if extra threadmis above the cloth,eg8th photo,
don't worry just insert the needle from below and drag the thread down.

though it looks so easy, it needs practise. so friends try it try it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

cut work

to start cut work,
pull a loop at any point near the circle.
stretch to the opposite point.
then make two chain and come to 3rd point.
again pull a loop and go to 4rth point.
like wise make horizontal and vertical stretch lines.
this you can see from 3rd photo onwards.

in the 6th photo you can see, i'm starting katta or zig zag stitch.
yes you have to complete the whole circle along with stretched threads with zigzag stitch.

do you remember zigzag, which i tought in early lessons, using yellow and red thread?.
now you have to apply it here.

the first two shows finishing and finished effect.
[sorry for giving mis ordered photo's. try to manage it.]

cut work

first using one rupee coin draw a outline.
now make chain stitch over it.
using scissors cut the cloth inside the chain. be careful.
using a bathi[lighted] ,trim the edges.little fault may burn the chain. so take care.

the next step in next post.

is earth safe to live