Thursday, May 8, 2008

aari embroidery

hey folks,
look at the photo, i've used 3 different stitches here.
1- salli,
3-normal chain stitch,
first i've finished one side of the petal with salli and again started from the top to finish the other side,
after that, i did sequence work,
then chain stitch around sequence,that is on both sides, in and out of the sequence,
then i did zigzag,
finally i added stitching stones to finish .
here except sequence you learned all, don't worry, i'll teach you sequence in my next post.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

rice with sodhi and paavakkai sambal

rice with sodhi, cabbage and carrot poriyal, paavakkai sambal is my menu today.
it's a different combination, try it.
see cookery for recipe.

paavakkai / bitter guard sambal

this is really a very different dish,

bitter guard -1 medium size,
onion -1,
grenn chilli -1,
tommatto -1,
curd -1tbsp,
coconut scrapped -3tsp,
oil for frying,

slice bitter guard into thin, remove seeds,
deep fry till golden brown, don't allow to turn brown,only the edges should turn golden brown,
take it in a bowl,
slice onions,
chop green chilli,
slice tommatto,
now add all together and mix well,
prepare this 1/2hr before lunch.

coconut milk rice / thengaipaal sadham

zeeraga samba rice -1cup,
coconut milk -1cup,
pudhina leafs 1/2 bunch,
green chilli -3,
garlick -5-6 flakes,
cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, fennel seeds and bay leaf - little,
water 1/2 cup,
ghee -2tbsp,

wash rice and add coconut milk and water to it,[1: 1 1/2],
place tava over flame and add all spices to it,
add garlick to it ,
now add it to the rice,
add pudhina leaf and salt and green chilli,
pressure cook for 3-4 whistle,
this is a tasty food.


for this,

chicken -1/2kg,
cornflour 2tbsp,
rice flour -1tbsp,
red chilli powder - 3tsp,
soya sause -2tsp,
tommatto sause -3tsp,
ginger, garlic paste -2tsp,
for colour you can add kashmir red chilli powder - 2tsp,

mix all except chicken well,
add chicken and mix well,
let it marinate for 1hr,
deep fry till golden brown.

spicy chicken gravy

chicken -1/2kg,
small onion -1cup.
tommatto -2-3,
ginger garlick paste -23tsp,
cinnamon,clove,cardamom, fennel seeds -1tsp,
red chilli powder -2-3tsp,
corriander powder -2tsp,
turmeric powder -1tsp,
curry leaf,
oil 1tbsp,

cut onions and tommatto's into small pcs,
place tava over flame, add oil,
add cinnamon,cloves ,fennel seeds and cardamom,
add onion with pinch of salt so that it turns brown quickly,
add tommatto, saute well till it mashes,
add all powders,
wait till oil separates,
add chicken to it and saute for 2mts, add salt,
add little water to it and cover and cook,
when chicken gets cooked, take the lid and let it to get thick,
add curry leaf. serve with rice, chappathi, all rice items, parrotta.

aari embroidery

Today, it's a colourful project,

take stitching stones of your choice, it may be round, oval, square etc,
using fabric glue stick the stones over the designs. you can even stitch the stones using a normal needle.
finish the design by stitching aari chain stitch around it.while stitiching chains around stones, remember my 3 petal illustration. you should go in the same manner.

if you use metalic threads of gold, silver and bronze, it will give a rich look.
while using metalic threads single thread putting knot at the end should be used.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

coconut milk rice with chicken

today as it's sunday and all are at home,i planned for a favorite menu.
coconut milk rice with chicken gravy, chicken65 and egg boiled is my menu today.
see cookery for recipe.

aari embroidery

today i'm going to give satin stitch in aari.
first draw a rectangle,
then complete it with chain stitch, let it be the frame,
now pull a loop on left corner of the frame , outside the frame,
punch immidiatly inside the frame, pull out a loop and stretch it towards the opposite of the frame,
there punch innerside of the frame and then outer side very closely,
again pull a loop towards opposite side innerside,
you can clearly see it in picture how the loop is transformed,

simple formula,

it's always inside and outside on both the sides, only the first starting, starts outside the frame.

do it very closely so that it gives a satin effect.

the first photo is a flower photo, which i did using the same formula.

is earth safe to live