Friday, May 2, 2008

seeni sambal with maldi fish

onion -3nos,
tommatto - 2,
red chilli powder - 2tsp,
oil - 1tbsp,
maldi fish small piece

slice onion to thin long piece ,
chop tommatto,
in a pan add oil and onion, saut well till it turns golden brown, add salt to it,
add tommatto and red chilli powder to it,
let it roast well to golden colour,
while getting it down crush maldi fish and add to it.

wheat flour dosai

wheat flour -1cup,
onion chopped -1/3cup,
green chilli -1 chopped,
curry leaf - chopped,

add enough water to flour to make it like dosa batter without any lumbs,
add onion, green chilli, curry leaf and salt to it mix well,
place pan on stove, heat pan and pour as dosa add 1tsp oil to it,
cook both sides and takeit out.
seenisambal, red chutney etc or best combinations

step by step aari embroidery

friends, have a look at this picture, the same stitch of my previous post.
but here i've used two different colour threads.
first finished leftside with one colour and on right side with other colour.
letus give these stitches a name for easy identification.

from top to bottom it's salli [red colour]
from bottom to top it's kutthu salli. ok!. [yellow and red],

now you can add sequence or beeds or stitching stones in centre to get more attractive.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

this the continuation of my last post.
in this photo you can clearly see where i start the chain and where i take the loop.
when you return the loop towards back and form chains, end it where it started. and again continue the next line.
after going to the top of one side, now do the same steps towards back and finish.
now do the outer line.

step by step aari embroidery

hi, i'm back.
come on we'll go to next step. as i said , i've new photo's to explain next step.
do you remember about running thread, this is it. just release enough thread depending on the design, and leave the rest of the thread below the frame. hold as i've shown and start.
start from the bottom of the design. this is just as my previous design with little change.

i've drawn this design in black for your purpose, but don't use black when you trace.

ok. first finish the inner lines and then outer.
start with 2 chains. then drag the loop to the corner and again drag the loop immidiatly
towards back and finish with 2 chains.

Monday, April 28, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

hi friends,
waiting for new lesson?.
sorry friends, you have to wait for another two days.
i'll be back with more new lessons in two days. until then practise, practise and practise the old ones.bye

is earth safe to live