Saturday, April 12, 2008

step by step guide for aari embroidery

hi, great. started doing lines with chain.
ok, now lets make a small change with shape.

as i said earlier, whenever you find turns or bends you should use small chains to turn the needle and the thread no?. it's in case of smooth turnings. if there's sharp turning what will you do?.

here comes, see in case of square, see the photo well, do normal chain, the place where you have to turn, a small chain continuously, while pulling up the thread pull little more towards back and tighten the thread from under the ring now . so you'll find the thread tempered . now you have to punch needle where you have to continue. allways the extra small stitch you put should be in the same direction and only the turning in the other or opposite direction.

sundaikkai kulambu[green turkey beries or devil's fig] cookery

this veg is said to have medicinal values.
sundaikkai or green turkey berry -1cup,
tamarind - 1lemon size
onion -1 big size,
garlic - 10flakes,
red chiili powder - 2tsp,
corriander powder -3-4tsp,
turmeric powder -1tsp,
jagerry -a small portion,
oil - [if possible gingly ]or refined,
rice flour -1tsp,

for seasoning
mustard seeds -1tsp,
fenugreek -1tsp

wash well sundaikkai first, then make a small slit in it and put immidiatly into a bowl with water. otherwise colour will change.
extract tamarind pulp for one cup thick.
take a pan add 2tbsp oil and season with mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. while fenugreek turn brown add onion and garlic and some curry leafs.
when the colour of onion turns transparent, add sundaikkai drained from water.
saute for 3mts.
add red chilli powder and corriander powder and turmeric powder,
saute a little,
add tamarind pulp, and some water and salt let it boil and thick.
you may add rice flour mixing with water to it to get the curry thick, but i don,t preffer let the curry be in sim fire till it gets thick. finally add jagery to it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

step by step guide for aari embroidery

after finishing plain lines, now pratice with little curves and bends using the same chain stitch.

simple formula is, do normal chains in plains and small chins in the bends and curves to turn the the needle and the stitch.

see that the thread doesn't separates, and allways be sure, no knots form in the thread under the ring, this will spoil your hole stitch.

allways handle the thread smoothly, don't pull tightly or hardly. this will make either the thread to get cut or the cloth will get shrink, big holes e.t.c.

step by step guide for aari embroidery

hi everyone,

what?. did you feel use of my photo illustration?. ok. let me continue with some more photo's.

in my last post i told about, holding thread as a single thread layer know?. this time double layer.

single layer is used in case of gold, silver wires, and for thick threads. 'cos you'll find hard to pull out the thread.

double is used for silk threads or for complete thread work using silk thread.

in this case you need not put knot at the end. take 1/2mr silk thread[ this is for biginers only,others have to do with running thread.] , fold into equal size and hold the thread as i said earlier. start the first stitch as before.
now after pulling the thread up, you have to hold the thread under the frame jointly and should not leave alone single layer. every chain you built should be with both the threads. form a chain for atleast 10-15. try this again and again. 'cos aari is based on chain stitch only. using this chains only you are going to do mirracles.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

wheat rava uppuma or godhumai rava uppuma-cookery

hear is a menu good for all and children.

wheat rava or godhumai rava -1cup roasted,
onion -1 sliced,
green chilli -2-3sliced,
garlic -3-4 flakessliced,
beens and carrot - 1/2 cup cut into small,
oil -2tbsp,

clove, fenal seeds,cinnamon - little to season.

take a pan or kadai, pour oil in it. add clove,cinnamon,fenal seeds, when the fragrence come,
add onion, garlic and green chilli to it. when the colour turns transparent, add veg.
now add 2 cups of water to it accurately.add salt.[1:2 ratio for rava].

when the water bubbles add rava slowly while stiring. cover with a lid and cook for 2-3 min.

this can be served with onion salad or raitha. it's just like veg biriyani.

aari step by step guide

hi there,

as i said earlier, being ready to start aari, see the picture, there i've shown the method to hold the thread and needle. needle should be erect, not in slanting position.
hold the thread under the cloth after putting a tight knot in it. punch the needle through the cloth and get the thread in the hook and pull back.
while punching, the needle tip only should go inside inorder to take the thread out. otherwise you can see the cloth having big hole.

ater pulling out the thread, hold tight with needle and pull the extra thread from down so you'll getcorrect size loope. with that loop punch another time through the cloth close to it .

repeat this process . you'll find beautyful chain stitch forming.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

aari embroidery step by step guide

first place cloth in frame. it should be so tight.cloth should not be loose.

you can see in the first photo, it's the right side of the frame , where you usually paint or embroid.

but now see the last photo, this is the wrong side of the frame or inner side of the frame. this is where you are going to start aari.

place the chair in a comfortable position,[ the chair should not be above your chest level]

place the framed cloth over it, not fully,one half should be extended outside the chair,

at any one corner or edge of the frame place the stone or any heavy weight object.
the purpose is you are going to use both the hands, so can't hold the frame, so in order to hold the frame you are placing this.

ok now you can start aari.

i'll come tommorrow with more picture.

aari embroidery step by step guide

hi folks here, i'm again with some more photo's.

first, for the biginers, who doesn't know anything about aari and who don't have frame at home.

don't worry, you can learn first few steps with ordinary frame itself.

all you want is, painting or embroidary ring maximum size,

aari needle,[ a good ,otherwise you'll feel difficult to bring thread out.],

silk embroidary thread of any colour,

a small flat seat chair or plastic bathing chair,

any heavy weight object like stone, wood or anything[this is to keep frame still].

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

nethili dry fish[anchovies] poo thiruval-cookery

anchovies or nethili dry fish - 10-15,
small onion -1cup,
green chilli -2-3,
tamarind pulp - 1/2cup,
coconut scrapped - 1tbsp,
turmeric powder. -1/2tsp,
fenal seed -1tsp,

soak nethili in hot water for 1 hr .[ take the head away],
wash well to get off sand from it,
chop it,
chop onion,green chilli,
in a pan take dry fish, onion,chilli,turmeric powder,salt and fenal seed.
pour tamarind pulp and little water to it.[1/2 glass]
let it cook in sim fire till the water gets reduced.
add coconut and roast well till dry.

tined fish sambol-cookery

it's a different dish, suits for rice, roti's, cappathi's, and everything.

tined fish -1 small tin,
onion[either big or small] - 1cup,
green chilli - 2-3,

cut onion very small as for egg omlet, cut green chilli.
open the tin and drain the water.
mash the fish with a spoon.
now add onion,chilli and salt. mix well.

jack macarael suits well.

drumstick or murungai kai sodhi

it's a srilankan curry, often used . there are vareity of sodi, this is one.this is suitable for rice, rice noodles and aappam.

for sodi:
coconut milk, 2nd and 3rd milk -2cups,
1st milk[thick] -1 cup,
small onion -1/2 cup,
green chilli -3-4
turmeric powder - 1tsp,
drumstick -2nos,
curry leaf,
fenal seeds -1tsp,

cut drumstick into long piece, add this to 2nd and 3rd milk.
add onion,green chilli,turmeric powder,fenal seeds,curry leaf, salt.
keep stove in sim and stiring often cook this until drumstick is cooked.
stiring is nessasary, b'cos milk will curdle.
once veg is cooked, add thick milk and keep for one boil and bring it down.

you can also add - pottato, prawn,fish, boiled egg, dry nethili fish to it.

manathakkali keerai kootu-cookery

manathakkali keerai -1 cup
moong dal[paasi paruppu] -1/3 cup
red onion -1/2 cup
green chilli -1
coconut scrapped - 2tsp
turmeric powder -1/2tsp

cut leafs to small, wash moong dal add greens, onion, chilli, salt and turmeric powder.
add enough water to soak the dal .
keep on low flame and cook till dal is cooked well.
add coconut to it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

lady's finger pepper fry-cookery

lady's finger -1/2 k.g,
pepper powder - 1tsp,
cumin powder - 1tsp,
salt - to taste,
oil - for frying

wash and cut lady's finger into thin small piece,
take a pan add little oil ,
add lady's finger and salt fry till the colour changes,
now add pepper powder and cumin powder,
fry a little.

is earth safe to live