Saturday, April 12, 2008

sundaikkai kulambu[green turkey beries or devil's fig] cookery

this veg is said to have medicinal values.
sundaikkai or green turkey berry -1cup,
tamarind - 1lemon size
onion -1 big size,
garlic - 10flakes,
red chiili powder - 2tsp,
corriander powder -3-4tsp,
turmeric powder -1tsp,
jagerry -a small portion,
oil - [if possible gingly ]or refined,
rice flour -1tsp,

for seasoning
mustard seeds -1tsp,
fenugreek -1tsp

wash well sundaikkai first, then make a small slit in it and put immidiatly into a bowl with water. otherwise colour will change.
extract tamarind pulp for one cup thick.
take a pan add 2tbsp oil and season with mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. while fenugreek turn brown add onion and garlic and some curry leafs.
when the colour of onion turns transparent, add sundaikkai drained from water.
saute for 3mts.
add red chilli powder and corriander powder and turmeric powder,
saute a little,
add tamarind pulp, and some water and salt let it boil and thick.
you may add rice flour mixing with water to it to get the curry thick, but i don,t preffer let the curry be in sim fire till it gets thick. finally add jagery to it.

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