Monday, April 14, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

hi everyone, did you find use of my site?.
thanks for your response.
did you try with chain stitches in different way?. well tommorrow i'll begin with new shape. so be ready.
and one more thing, when you start, better you try with polyester fulvoil cloth which is used for blouse or cotton cloth. 'cos directly doing on shiffon may damage your cloth as well as your confident. so try first with cotten and go further with other cloth once you are confident with your chains.
like wise use cotton[ordinary stitching thread] instead of silk for first 2 days. then try with silk, and later with golden, silver zari threads.
be patient and don't hurry burry. do slowly,leaving enough time and thread for each chain.


Deepa Arunkumar said...

I came across your post on aari a few months ago. It was very useful and I used the instructions to mount the material on a frame and tried a few stitches as well... I would to know a few more types of stitches as well...

Deepa Arunkumar said...

admhi, i have learnt aari stitches from an institute. They taught me 4-5 stitches like chain, sequencing with chamki and beads. I'e also done few on my blouses and my kids dresses. Would like to know if there are many more.If so, where can i learn as my passion is stitching and embroidiery besides learning music.
deepa arunkumar

Deepa Arunkumar said...

hi again,,
I learnt aari from a workshop where they taught me only 5-6 stitches whih i've used in dresses. I am right now stitching a saree border with only the chain stitch. would like to improve my work. Kindly help.

Deepa Arunkumar said...


thanks again for showing couple of more stitches. VVery useful. Wish one day i could also do such wonderful work as yours. One more thing i would like to know is whether the needle differs with the type of fabric we work on.

Your work on light pink is the best of all for me.
thanks again

gowrikarthick said...

i have learnt aari stitches recently from an institute. they taught about 15 stitches which are basic like what deepa arunkumar has mentioned. im trying work a blouse now.. please guide me in my work.
gowri karthick

vani pradeep said...

hi, i ve learnt aari work n a half way thru.. but discontinued my classes due to some reason.. found ur works very useful n joined ur blog.. can u teach me zardosi work usin ordinary needle.. n also the cut work which was not dat clear, can u teach it again wit clear pic.. it wil b very helpful 2 me.. waitin for ur reply.. thank u..

Anaga said...

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