Wednesday, May 21, 2008

felt cloth patch work

this done with felt cloth,zardosi, kundhan stones and fabric paints.

myposter colour paintings

some of my poster colour paintings.
this i took from, walter foster's book and readers digest long ago.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


cooked rice -2cups,
lime -1,
green and red chilli -3-4,
mustard seeds -1tsp,
urad dal -1tsp,
curry leaf
oil for seasoning,

take a pan and heat oil,
add mustard seeds,
when it spluters, add urad dal,
then add salt and curry leaf,
then add lemon juice and keep for 2 seconds,

take it from heat,
add slowly to cooked and cooled rice and mix well.

it's a instant and tasty food, goes well with potatto chips, pickle, potatto fry.

lime rice with kalumakkai pickle

today a very simple and easy to do menu,
lime rice with kalumakkai[ which is very famous keralite food] pickle,
receipe is in cookery

aari embroidery

hey this is knot stitch,

first form a lengthy chain using double thread,
then a small chain,
pull the loop towards back and punch inbetween the first lengthy chain,[i've shown spliting the chain where to punch],

then again take another lengthy loop from there itself and another small chain,
again towards back inbetween 2nd lenthy chain,

like this, a lengthy chain, a small chain back punch, again lengthy, small and a back punch,

this back punch will form a beautiful knot, this is why it's called knot stitch.

aari embroidery

hi friends,
thanks a lot, for giving such a good response,this indeed motivates me to do more, thankyou.

ok today, lets work with mirror,
as i've shown, paste the mirror[synthetic],with fabric glue,
then mark 6 points around the mirror in equal distance,
then connect all points using long chains.
[here my point is not in correct position, so don't take it as matter, you just see the stitch],
after finishing the first round, start the second round inbetween the first two points and finish it,
this is to cover the edges of the mirror seeing out,

then start chain stitch very closly to the mirror, 2 rounds and finish it.

is earth safe to live