Sunday, May 18, 2008

aari embroidery

hi friends,
thanks a lot, for giving such a good response,this indeed motivates me to do more, thankyou.

ok today, lets work with mirror,
as i've shown, paste the mirror[synthetic],with fabric glue,
then mark 6 points around the mirror in equal distance,
then connect all points using long chains.
[here my point is not in correct position, so don't take it as matter, you just see the stitch],
after finishing the first round, start the second round inbetween the first two points and finish it,
this is to cover the edges of the mirror seeing out,

then start chain stitch very closly to the mirror, 2 rounds and finish it.


Santhoshi said...

Hi, I have been trying to use the crochet needle to do aari. I do understand that i have to take a loop from below the cloth. /but somehow it gets messy when i try to bring the needle up. I have been trying to find in many sites, butfound urs quite detailed. but cld u either post some images from below of how u make a loop onto the needle . thanks. If its not too much to ask could u mail me the instructions .thanks

Anonymous said...

For mirror work is it necessary to make a chain at the end of every chain before going to alternate point

vishnupritham said...

no u need not use chain just pass on to another point.

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