Sunday, May 18, 2008

aari embroidery

hey this is knot stitch,

first form a lengthy chain using double thread,
then a small chain,
pull the loop towards back and punch inbetween the first lengthy chain,[i've shown spliting the chain where to punch],

then again take another lengthy loop from there itself and another small chain,
again towards back inbetween 2nd lenthy chain,

like this, a lengthy chain, a small chain back punch, again lengthy, small and a back punch,

this back punch will form a beautiful knot, this is why it's called knot stitch.


Mskhan said...


the stitches are not clear
can u draw diagrams to show the needle movement and how to hold the needle and thread pls i like to learn this craft

Mskhan said...

waiting for your detailed instructions

is earth safe to live