Wednesday, May 21, 2008

felt cloth patch work

this done with felt cloth,zardosi, kundhan stones and fabric paints.


Pandalathe Pada said...

just happened to visit your blog. craft works done by you are really impressive..enjoyed watching them.. keep up your talent and come up with more works.

Anonymous said...

You are really good at this.
Can you post some designs to do on a saree. I am a beginner embroidery and would like to start out.

Lakshmi said...

hi I just saw this work of you..i was searching for this design..if possible please will you send this design for me..otherwise can you tell me in which design book I can find this design..
thank you..

how are long..
seems busy with cakes..
all cakes are awesome..

vishnupritham said...

thank you lakshmi. i'm doing well and how r u?.though i'm not posting much of my work, i'm in touch by seeing all your latest works.all r awesome.i even took some of your recent works for trial.lakshmi, this design is in a paper. i can send you a xerox copy.
if possible send me ur add to my gmail . i'll post u the design.


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