Tuesday, April 15, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

hi, i'm here again.
come, i'll take you to another lesson.
today look at the photo. simple curve. do normal chain as i said earlier, while coming to the sharp point, see how i pull the thread towards back and tightened the thread under the ring and make a small chain to continue.
at that sharp point don't turn blunlty, turn as how you turned in squares. only then you'll get shape.

today i'm going to teach how to put knot.but this knot is for biginers alone.

after finishing chains, pull the thread upwards as shown in the photo. then make a single twist and hold the thread flat on the cloth with your fingers.

insert needle from below, and hold the thread opposite to you and pull the thread down.
now turn the frame and make knot.
the last photo shows back side how you make knot.

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