Thursday, April 24, 2008

step by step aari

hello friends,
come, today let's make another stitch.
here you start from the top of the design. bring the thread up and pull back little and punch there.taking out a loop there, again make another small stitch thereitself.
now stretch the thread towards left or right and punch there.
pull out the thread and stretch it back to middle. punch there and pull out the thread,
make a small chain below .
now go towards opposite direction.
this is, inorder to make a steam of a leaf or fish bone like.
likewise do till the end of the design.
the centre small stitches form a beautiful knots uniformly.
but make sure to place the centre knots in same line.


Rice with masoor dal curry, beans carrot poriyal and appalam.this is indian mixed srilankan food.
see cookery for recipe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

kothamalli / corriander leaf chuttney

corriander leaf is said to have much medicinal value. in india almost all of us use corriander leaf in daily cookery.apart from medicinal value it gives a nice flavour to dishes. also it gives a nice combination for garnishing. it's a multi purpose leaf. it's used in all kind of cookery , non-veg ,

for kathamalli chutney, you need,
kothamalli leaf - 1 bunch[ here i've used very little, as today, i don't have enough of it]

onion -1 medium size,
red dry chilli -2,
urad dal / ulundhu - palm ful,
tamarind - half lemon size,
tommatto -1,

first fry urad dal, red chilli, onion in one tsp of oil,
saut corriander leaf slightly,
now add all into a mixie jar and grind to paste. if you need add little water, not too much .


As summer has started, thayir[curd] saadham is the best.
so i planned curd rice with ladysfinger pepper fry,mango ginger pickle and meal maker poriyal today.
see cookery for recipe..


rava uppuma with kothamalli chuttney.
see cookery for recipe.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

step by step aari embroidery

in our earlier lessons, we used sharp turning . that is, a normal chain, a small chain, and a turn.
now you need not make the small chain. instead, you simply turn while doing normal chain.
a blunt turn.
i have given gap inbetween the red colour threads. but even without gap you can stitch very closely.

Monday, April 21, 2008

step by step aari embroidery-kichukichu

hi friends, today another lesson, see the photo above, i have started a curvy line, and finished the line, where it started.
all you have to do is , build small chains without breaking. this is for your hand practise only.
in this case, as you are going to do continuous chain, use running thread instead of bit thread.
means, don't cut the thread off from the thread case.
release thread from the case for quite length, and allow the case on the ground running,
that i'll show you in next lesson. i've used jilmil thread for the outer circle,
while using this kind of thread, single layer has to be used, put knot in the end.

here we used to say this stitch as kich kich. i don't know the exact name.


rice with chicken pepper gravy and fish fry.see cookery for recipe.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

menu for today

bread toast and oats milk.

chicken pepper gravy

chicken - 1/2 kg,
small onion -1cup, "
ginger -1 inch piece, "
garlick -7-8 flakes, "
black pepper corn -2tsp, "
clove,cinnamon,cardamom - little, "
curry leaf -little, "
fennel seeds - 2tsp, "
tommatto - medium size 2,
red chilli powder -1tsp,
corriander powder -2tsp,
turmeric powder -1/2tsp,
kashmir red chilli powder -1tsp,[optional],
garam masala powder -1tsp, [all these powders are not necessary, if you have
- srilankan masaala powder],

oil 2tbsp,

grind all " marked items to fine paste without adding water,
take a tava, pour oil,
add chopped tommatto and saute well,
add grinded paste to it and fry for 1mt,
add all powders and again fry for 1 mt,
add chicken and salt,
saute well and add little[1/2 glass water] to it,
cover and cook,
once chicken is cooked, deside whether you need it as curry or dry chicken roast,
if you need as dry take the lid off after chiken is cooked and let it be in flame till it gets dry.

neem flower / veppam poo vathal

this item is very good for every one, may be little bitter taste, but neem is good for health .

neem flower -2 cups,
urad dal /ulundhu - 1cup,
small onion - 1cup,
green and red chilli[dried] -10, if you need more you can add,
curry leaf -little,
fennel seeds -1tbsp,

soak urad dal in water for 2 hrs,
grind it to fine paste as for vadai,[thick consistency],
add chopped onion, chopped green chilli, fennel seeds and chopped curry leaf, neem flower,
add enough salt and mix well,
on open terrace, place plastic sheets,
just take little dough by spoon and spread on sheet like vadai,
let it sun dry for 2 days,
this can be kept for years,store in containers,
when ever you need, fry this as how you fry pappads/appalams, till golden brown in oil,
very nice for rice.

today's menu

tin fish curry,tin fish sambal,murungai keerai poriyal is my menu today.
for recipe see cookery.

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