Monday, April 21, 2008

step by step aari embroidery-kichukichu

hi friends, today another lesson, see the photo above, i have started a curvy line, and finished the line, where it started.
all you have to do is , build small chains without breaking. this is for your hand practise only.
in this case, as you are going to do continuous chain, use running thread instead of bit thread.
means, don't cut the thread off from the thread case.
release thread from the case for quite length, and allow the case on the ground running,
that i'll show you in next lesson. i've used jilmil thread for the outer circle,
while using this kind of thread, single layer has to be used, put knot in the end.

here we used to say this stitch as kich kich. i don't know the exact name.

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