Sunday, April 20, 2008

chicken pepper gravy

chicken - 1/2 kg,
small onion -1cup, "
ginger -1 inch piece, "
garlick -7-8 flakes, "
black pepper corn -2tsp, "
clove,cinnamon,cardamom - little, "
curry leaf -little, "
fennel seeds - 2tsp, "
tommatto - medium size 2,
red chilli powder -1tsp,
corriander powder -2tsp,
turmeric powder -1/2tsp,
kashmir red chilli powder -1tsp,[optional],
garam masala powder -1tsp, [all these powders are not necessary, if you have
- srilankan masaala powder],

oil 2tbsp,

grind all " marked items to fine paste without adding water,
take a tava, pour oil,
add chopped tommatto and saute well,
add grinded paste to it and fry for 1mt,
add all powders and again fry for 1 mt,
add chicken and salt,
saute well and add little[1/2 glass water] to it,
cover and cook,
once chicken is cooked, deside whether you need it as curry or dry chicken roast,
if you need as dry take the lid off after chiken is cooked and let it be in flame till it gets dry.

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