Tuesday, May 27, 2008

aari embroidery

hi, this is aari frame. this is 4 1/2 feet.

you have 4 wooden bars.
2 main bars and 2 cross bars.
in cross bar you'll have small holes, this is for adjustment.i've 60 holes in it.
in main bar you'll have big holes for tying rope, with which you'll stitch gaada cloth.i've 9 holes in this bar.

nails are used for adjustments,strong nails.
i've shown the frame lying on ground without stand.just frame alone.you need stand to place it over.my very first post has that.
you can see the gaada cloth, both side of the main frame.you'll attach the materials to it.


visalam said...

your explanation is simply wonderful. it is very simple & all the beginners can very easily follow & definitely start doing this AAri work
thanks.keep posting.

JustMe said...

Can you tell me cost of the frame and from where it can be bought.

Also do we have to check the wooden material or somethings like that before buying?

visalam said...

The cost of the frame depends upon the size and the quality of the wood.
Yes, it is better to check the quality of the wooden material because when you stretch the material in the frame it should be firm .
The normal heavy wood frames are costing around Rs. 2000 for a size of 65" x48". If you want to get a Teak wood frame , then it will cost u more.
U can custamize ur frame , if u r having carpenters assistance.

Aarthi Anu said...

Hello.. I am n need of the frame yo posted here.. Can i get a similar one??

is earth safe to live