Tuesday, May 27, 2008

aari embroidery

hi, this is my new aari frame.
this is very tiny, and only for learning purpose.
this is almost like japanese embroidery frame.
main bar doesn't have any holes.
side bar consists adjusting holes.
i've tide thick,flat rope to main bar, to which gaada cloth is going to be added.
this is 2 1/2 feet. this too needs stand.


Fashion said...


ur work is too gd.

But some pictures r not clear.

Where can u get ur tiny aari frame?

Anonymous said...

can u pls tell where can i buy this tiny aari frame in chennai....eagerly waiting for reply.

vishnupritham said...

hi anonymous.i made this with a help of a carpenter.just shrink the original size of the frame .you'll get it.and recently,i made a little change in this frame. i made this frame with original model.like a miniature of 41/2ft frame.

arthy M.K. said...

Hi can u make the frame and sell to us

arthy M.K. said...

hi can u make the fram and sell it to us it wil be really helpfull

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