Friday, April 11, 2008

step by step guide for aari embroidery

hi everyone,

what?. did you feel use of my photo illustration?. ok. let me continue with some more photo's.

in my last post i told about, holding thread as a single thread layer know?. this time double layer.

single layer is used in case of gold, silver wires, and for thick threads. 'cos you'll find hard to pull out the thread.

double is used for silk threads or for complete thread work using silk thread.

in this case you need not put knot at the end. take 1/2mr silk thread[ this is for biginers only,others have to do with running thread.] , fold into equal size and hold the thread as i said earlier. start the first stitch as before.
now after pulling the thread up, you have to hold the thread under the frame jointly and should not leave alone single layer. every chain you built should be with both the threads. form a chain for atleast 10-15. try this again and again. 'cos aari is based on chain stitch only. using this chains only you are going to do mirracles.

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