Sunday, May 4, 2008

aari embroidery

today i'm going to give satin stitch in aari.
first draw a rectangle,
then complete it with chain stitch, let it be the frame,
now pull a loop on left corner of the frame , outside the frame,
punch immidiatly inside the frame, pull out a loop and stretch it towards the opposite of the frame,
there punch innerside of the frame and then outer side very closely,
again pull a loop towards opposite side innerside,
you can clearly see it in picture how the loop is transformed,

simple formula,

it's always inside and outside on both the sides, only the first starting, starts outside the frame.

do it very closely so that it gives a satin effect.

the first photo is a flower photo, which i did using the same formula.

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Indu said...


u r awesome. I had so many doubts in aari work and everything got cleared from ur blog..keep up this excellent work as u r helping so many people..Thank you so much..


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