Tuesday, May 6, 2008

aari embroidery

Today, it's a colourful project,

take stitching stones of your choice, it may be round, oval, square etc,
using fabric glue stick the stones over the designs. you can even stitch the stones using a normal needle.
finish the design by stitching aari chain stitch around it.while stitiching chains around stones, remember my 3 petal illustration. you should go in the same manner.

if you use metalic threads of gold, silver and bronze, it will give a rich look.
while using metalic threads single thread putting knot at the end should be used.

1 comment:

poornima said...

hey vishnupritam,
Awesome designs... great work...
da.. will it be possible for you teach al these designs if i end up in your place...

is earth safe to live