Friday, April 4, 2008

brinjal and raw banana curry-cookery

hi today i'm going to give one tasty receipe which goes well with rice,rice noodles[idiyaappam],puttu and anything

violet brinjal -4-5[cut into thin staright ]
raw banana -1 medium[also cut as same as brinjal]
coconut milk - 1cup
red chilli powder -2tsp
corriander powder -1tsp
big onion - 1 [cut into small thin ]
tomatto - 1[cut into small portions]
tamarind pulp -3tbsp
oil -1/2 cup
for seasoning
mustard -1tsp
red chilli[dry] - 1
curry leaf - a little

first the veg should be cut into thin portions of equal size.
take oil in a pan, let it heat, deep fry all veg till golden brown. take it and keep it away.
now in another pan take 1-2 tsp of oil add the onions and fry, then add tommatto,

then add deep fried veg and add all powders and tamarind pulp and salt. cook till the gravy is thick now add little coconut milk and again cook unitll gravy is formed.

for seasoning add the seasoning items one by one in oil and add to curry.

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