Thursday, April 23, 2009

some more of our work.
The last one is full of mirrors and coins. u know how to stitch mirrors now. so you can easily do this.
Also see i've used sequence and beads. those stitches are in my lessons. so a easy design as well as a rich design. try it.
In that blue salwar top i've used khatta as out line for flowers. rest usual stitches.
in peacock, simply chain and single loading.[single thread].


nirmala said...

hi vishnu,such beautiful work...hats off to you!and thank you so much for the tutorials.very in most of the places they teach 4-5 stitches only.but you are teaching us so many extra stitches which i dont know at all.thank you.
regards and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hello vishnu , your tutorial is great ! Good job
can you please explain me the concept of single loading ( single thread) that u have used in the peacock design !
thanks in advance

Padmavathy said...

Very nice work Vishnu !
Can you please give details about the single loading in the peacock design !

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